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Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome.
Here you can watch my show reels, listen to my audio work & generally find out what makes this working-class northerner tick.
Please use the menu at the top to navigate to the section you're interested in & don't hesitate to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.


An energetic & confident Cumbrian actor, voice actor & performer, Kezia is currently based in Lancashire & represented by Cartwright-Higgins Associates. Catching the insidious 'performing' bug from a young age, Kezia grew up in a single-parent, working-class household in Barrow-in-Furness. Encouraged to start performing with local dramatic societies & in school/college plays, Kezia became the proverbial "triple threat" with many years of experience performing as a singer & in a theatrical 'Samba-Punk' drumming band before beginning studying with the hugely influential Jim Cartwright's working class drama studio in 2017.


Since then Kezia continues to build up a varied portfolio of work across short films, web series, theatre and in voice acting work. She has provided voice work for high profile clients like the Venice Biennale 2022, BBC & Hello Futures. She's also performed at the Lowry & worked for BUPA & the BFI Film Academy. Kezia additionally works flexibly for a film & media charity & is always happy to travel. Kezia has undertaken Covid-19 safety courses, has a great attitude on set & has a home studio to create high quality recordings.

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Voice Overs & Voice Acting

Having around 3 years voice acting experience under my belt in a wide variety of areas means I offer a wide range of vocal styles to suit a variety of different needs; from a low, mellifluous & sensual purr (think M&S) to a bubbly, warm, northern energy & everything in-between. Whether I need to  self-direct based on your notes or under your direction via Facetime/Skype/Zoom, I will ensure I provide the best level of intensity to suit your project. Whether it's for an internal or personal project or designed for commercial usage in a variety of media platforms from local to global, I provide a fantastic, professional, time-bound result to tick all your boxes.


As a voice artist I always try to find a way to emotionally-connect with the material to ensure that the results are meaningful & as important to you as they are to me & to ensure that resonates throughout the whole piece; from recording clean, articulate, professional instructions to dynamic & energetic character and accent work to  conversational radio pieces.

Please find some examples above & below of my work, but I'm always happy to provide a custom audition sample that will give you a closer example of how I can fit your needs. Please also see my CV above for a list of my full Voice Over (VO) work in the meantime. 

Acting Showreel

Here you can find examples of my acting work through my showreel, but please do click on my CV in the link above to see a list of my experience to date & below this you can find some examples of my singing range too. There's more examples of my work over at my Youtube channel - so please feel free to visit, like & subscribe!


My singing voice is in the contralto range & tonally I tend to favour a bluesy or jazzy styles. I pick up harmonies easily & have experience of singing in choirs at the Royal Albert Hall & De Montford Hall as well as rock-style singing with a live band on stage.

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