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Technical Specifications: Audio Recording

I have a Røde NT1A Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser with SM6 shock mount & pop shield as well as a Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Lead Vocal Microphone setup in an acoustically-treated room & can provide basic audio mixing skills (normalising, breath-removal, EQ-ing & gating) using Adobe Audition, Audacity or Reaper. 

Voice Work Rates

Firstly I'm always happy to provide a free bespoke audition recording for you (raw/unmixed & sent over via a compressed mp3 file) or to jump on a Zoom session to meet you in-person. My rates are always negotiable & dependent on the duration & complexity of the recording requirements, where it will be heard, who by & for how long, so the following is only a guideline & will be agreed by all parties involved. Final, mixed outputs can be sent over in the format & method of your choosing.

What is it you're paying for with a Basic Studio Fee (BSF)?

  • My prep-time (vocal exercises & warm-ups, script reading & familiarity)

  • The recording, studio maintenance and running costs

  • My experience & training as a voice actor to deliver precisely what you're after

*This will always be pre-agreed & signed off before commencing

Then depending on your needs & planned output for your delivered script, whether it's for an internal or personal project or is designed for commercial usage in a variety of media platforms from local to global, I am flexible & happy to negotiate on the recording length - is it a long or short script or do you require a number of alternative options. I have experience in providing 10 heart-rendering screams to a timed 30 second advert to a 55,000-word art exhibition narration and everything in between!

What you will need to consider:

  • Is it an internally-used piece such as as in a training video for your staff or narration at a specific exhibition location or will it be publicly showcased such as in radio advertising, for a game character or for tv or media campaigns

  • Will it need to be within a specific time setting e.g. a minute-long advert

  • Estimated audience size - how many people may hear it approximately

  • Duration of use - how long might you use this recording for originally and is there a likelihood of residuals or repeated use in future

  • Range of activity - will this be used in a local, regional, national or international campaign

All of these factors will affect the quoted cost.

This will either be a Flat Fee or Buyout agreement (for a fixed period or in perpetuity) or a usage contract dependent on the aforementioned factors & can include my BSF.

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